Bernard "BIGG" Ringer
Certified Financial Planner™ professional


Financial Experience You Can Count On

After 20 years as an Investment Advisor & Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Bernard Ringer transitioned his practice into
one of the largest independent brokers in the nation*, LPL Financial, allowing greater flexibility and resources
to help clients achieve their financial goals.

*as reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2021, based on total revenue.

What We Do

2nd Opinion Discovery Call

Discuss your values, goals, relationships, assets, advisors, processes, & interests.

Investment Assessment

Analyze your current investments, their limitations & growth possibilities.

Retirement Income Review

Determine a comfortable retirement budget & launch a plan to pursue these goals.

Full Financial Foundation

Let BIGG™ help you mitigate risk & plan a strategy for financial growth.

Our Proprietary System

Look beyond short-term fluctuations.

We will tailor a financial plan suited to your investment comfort level.

The BIGG™ philosophy has stayed consistent for over 20+ years. Temperament, experience and the ability to have patience, discipline, and faith in the future regardless of what the market does in the short-term is what helps make a successful investor.

I provide people the reason and support to help them stop worrying about their lives, investments, and things they have no control over.

~Bernard Ringer Certified Financial Planner™ professional
Our Process



You realize your current financial limitations.

Newfound wealth, previous poor investments, looking to grow assets…We can help no matter your motivation.



We schedule a 2nd Opinion Discovery Call.

Complimentary consultation scheduled at a time that works best for you. Remote or in-person.



We discuss your individual goals.

We assist all of our clients in developing a financial plan & retirement budget.



We get to work.

Execute financial strategies custom-built and flexible to you and your family.

We’ve Been Through the “Ringer” So You Don’t Have To

What can I expect from the 2nd Opinion Discovery Call?

In the 2nd Opinion Discovery Call, we’ll address your values, goals, relationships, assets, advisors, processes, and interests. Our goal is to focus on a process & adhere to a financial plan & philosophy that WORKS for you. We speak to clients directly: “The clients that believe in the hard truths of investing follow a plan to pursue success.”

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Your Investment

Everything has a price. The price of BIGG™ helps you avoid costly mistakes, make smart investing decisions, mitigate taxes, preserve your assets, magnify charitable gifts and leave a powerful legacy.

Isn’t it worth paying a little bit more to work with a seasoned advisor?

We provide the financial competence you’re looking for.


24+ Years of Financial Experience

Entrusted with the lifetime savings of over 140 families.


Financial Confidence

Separate your emotions from your lifetime savings.


Trusted Care & Management

No outsourcing at BIGG™. You’ll work directly with Bernard.

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