Why settle for anything less than a veteran advisor? Be BIGG™"

- Bernard Ringer

My investment philosophy over 20 years has never changed. It is important to remember that nobody can time getting in and out of the markets consistently to avoid their short-term volatility. One must realize that the historical return of small and large companies is almost twice that of bonds, so in terms of preservation of purchasing power and helping you achieve your dreams and goals one must consistently look at the profits earnings and dividends of the great businesses of the world through their equities . All successful retirement programs begin with a financial plan. When you are consistently acting on a plan you're always going to be happiest because you're moving towards those goals which also helps you see through short-term volatility. Finally, the main component of a successful investor is  their temperament, the  ability to have patience, discipline, and faith in the future regardless of what the market does in the short-term.

The BIGG™ Move

I have dedicated my life to you achieving your dreams and goals, ...life is great, be BIGG™

I am pleased to announce that after over 20 years of being in the financial services advisory business I've decided to move my practice to one of the largest independent broker/dealers in the nation, LPL Financial. One of the quotes that I live my life by is "Life is either one big adventure or nothing " so I've decided to name my new practice BIGG™ Wealth Management. The reason why I'm doing this is that since the market pull back of 2008 the financial advisory industry has gone through many changes and consolidation in which I have found the big bank brokerages no longer have the flexibility and  resources to be able to provide my clients and good friends the tools necessary to fully make sure they have everything they need to have the highest probability to help them achieve their dreams and goals. This is why I have decided to move my practice to one of the largest clearinghouses for Independent Financial advisers LPL Financial. My goal is to be in the financial advisory business for the another 30 to 40 years, because of this I can think of no better platform for long term flexibility than that provided by LPL. LPL’s history is working with Independent Financial advisers which is why they have the incentive to make sure I have some of the best tools to help my clients work towards a life of dignity and independence with help from some of the latest financial planning software. Moving forward I will be able to work with whoever I want, whenever I want, in all areas of my clients financial lives , including, insurance, lending, banking, Financial Planning allowing me to be your one stop shop offering truly customized financial strategies. When you have control of your life you're always going to be the happiest and that is the main reason for this change. Together we can control our future and achieve BIGG things.

The Future is BIGG™

The future of us working together is going to be amazing. True happiness is when you can consistently move  towards your retirement dreams `which is achieved by daily actions that  keep you moving towards those goals. An integral part of what I do as a Certified Financial Planner™, is that I'm consistently working with, reviewing, and  acting on a financial plan with my clients; I'm never going to stop doing that. Helping my clients  move towards their goals is my passion, and it is a beautiful thing. I'm never going to stop caring about you and your family. I work with clients that want, and appreciate the need, for a unique portfolio of focused positions of businesses with wide moats of revenue. I have found that most clients that do the best in achieving and preserving purchasing power during a 20 to 30-year retirement own great performing businesses for a very long time. I believe in being friends first, and with friendship comes the trust and perspective that I bring to the table which will vastly simplify your life. When it comes to achieving your dreams and goals it's better to think BIGG™.

Life is Meant to be BIGG™

It is just me and my wife Gail and our two shih-tzu's Bear and Jester, so my clients are an integral part of my life. I want to help your family and those you care about. I look forward to helping you work toward your dreams and goals. Give me a call and let me simplify your life. I've dedicated my life to helping my clients work toward what they want through the power of equity ownership. I look forward to many years of friendship. I'm never ever going to stop helping my clients live a life of achievement......life is great, be BIGG™.