I provide people the reason to stop worrying about their lives, investments, and things they have no control over.

BIGG™ Wealth Management along with LPL Financial will provide the perspective and resources to make sure you have confidence and control of your life. Instead of you having to work during the retirement years, your money will be working for you through their potential earnings, profits, and dividends. 

Our first investment philosophy is nobody can consistently  time getting in and out of the market to avoid the short-term temporary fluctuations. One of the keys to retirement is preservation of purchasing power. Historically, every year, you lose purchasing power to inflation. One of the best ways to combat inflation is that of equity long term historical returns. Which is why, I believe that safety, in terms of retirement, is in the profit and earnings power of equities. Even though equities have short term volatility, that is the growthiness that replaces money that you live off of during retirement. All my clients have embraced my perspective; I believe that short term market volatility is necessary to provide the highest margin of success for a financial plan.

Consistently over my 21 years of being in the investment advisory business my investment philosophy has never changed. I work with clients that  appreciate a unique portfolio of focused equity positions. We look for great companies with wide moats of revenue intended to enhance and preserve your long-term lifestyle and are intended to offer the greatest probability of you achieving your financial plans. 

Long term investing perspective from a veteran investment representative.

All my clients have a financial plan, and I believe we are always happiest when we are consistently moving towards and acting on a goal and a financial plan is exactly that, a goal of what you want your retirement to be. When we couple a financial plan with a retirement budget you are focused on your desired outcome regardless of what short-term market fluctuations do. It is a long-term game plan that is consistently put into motion regardless of which short-term market fluctuations look like. These plans incorporate down and up markets which is designed to keep you on track regardless of what the market does in the short-term.

One of the biggest determinants of investor success is investor behavior. I can help guide your temperament, provide the ability to look beyond the short-term fluctuations,  and provide the ability to separate your emotions from your lifetime savings, that's the main benefit of working with me. The perspective I provide from working with, and investing the lifetime savings of roughly 140 families for over 20 years allows me to see what works and what doesn't work. I provide the perspective that helps simplify and empower your life.